What does this ILL status mean?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Definitions

The following is a list of terms you may come across in the "Status" column when you log into your ILL account. What you will not see on this list is a status for "Checked out to Customer" or "Awaiting Customer Pickup." Once an ILL item is received by our ILL staff, it gets attached to your library card record (as opposed to your ILL record). Then it gets sent to your pick up location, and you get notified when it's ready for pick up. Due to delivery and processing time, you may find instances when the status in your ILL record does not seem accurate. If you have any questions, please ask a librarian.

Awaiting Customer Contact
This requested item has arrived from the lending library and has been processed by the ILL staff, but the customer has not yet been informed that the item has arrived. The customer will be notified as soon as the item arrives at the library where it can be picked up.

Awaiting Denied Renewal Processing
The lending library refuses to allow renewal. The item is currently awaiting recall from the customer.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing
This requested item has arrived, but has not yet been processed by the ILL staff.

Awaiting Request Processing
ILL has received the request. It is now ready for ILL staff to search and request the item from potential lenders.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing
ILL staff has sent the request, but no one has sent the item. The customer has not yet been notified by ILL staff.

Cancelled By Customer
The customer has cancelled this request.

Cancelled by ILL Staff
This request has been cancel by the ILL staff and the customer has been notified of the cancellation.

Item Checked In
The item has been returned to ILL by the customer and checked in. It is ready for return processing.

Item Returned
The item has been returned to the lender.

Request Finished
The entire process has been completed and the item returned to the lender.

Request In Processing
The request is being processed by ILL staff at this moment.

Request Sent
The request has been sent to potential lenders and ILL is waiting for a reply.

Submitted by Customer
The request has been submitted by the customer and is awaiting processing by the ILL staff.